1. Blue River

From the recording Blue River

I lived in the town of Blue River, CO for a winter. This EP is about...


I hang up the phone as I pour another drink for myself
I know there’s no one left on my possibility shelf
Alyson, I’m sorry I didn’t try to know you more
Adam, I wish we’d known what was in store

I find I’m talking to no one as I light my last cigarette
I know my girl is out there but I haven’t found her yet
or maybe I met her and moved aside as she passed me by
Or maybe we made it and she has just said goodbye

most friends know each other before they jump into bed
we jumped in together and then tried to become friends
you allowed me to not think of myself for a while
but now I can crawl back into this familiar stall

there's just one more thing
they say we can't be loved