1. Trading Places

From the recording Trading Places

it's good to take a look in the mirror from time to time


Recently a part of me has been thinking
what the hell am I supposed to do how am I gonna make a living
when I know I cant fall back on my lucky guitar

Don’t waste the chances that come at you
or like comets they’ll come unglued
a whisper never saved the day the atmosphere eats them away
and if you want something I suggest you go out and get it

Im trading places gonna tear things apart
Replace the man in my head with the one in my heart
We all fall from the bough we all need a new start
Im gonna make me some changes before it gets too hard

What the hell are you doing here
You’re popping clutches and grinding gears
wish that you had said you were wrong but nothing ever lasts that long working towards a goal but the bottom fell out

Call it reaction or call it living proof, the pain should pass in a few
the colors change your heart gets bright
the feeling of not knowing why
you never want to be left playing the fool