1. Six Long Days

From the recording Six Long Days

this is a song about coping with mortality and learning to live in the moment. it makes a great show closer


There’s a swarm of bees buzzing around in my head and it’ll be six long days ‘til the Doc’ said I’d be dead
and I never learned anything about love

There’s a steam locomotive barreling down the tracks in my brain
and my will is interrogating the actions of my hand
but I don’t have anything I need to lie about

I want see it all and see you all before
I want see it all and see you all before
So I just won’t answer when the reaper’s knockin’ on my door

There’s a cool wind blowing a chill down to my soul
tuck my head in my coat, move further down this road
I know not where or when but I know I’m gonna die

Waves keep crashing on the beach of my mind
I know my days is coming but I don’t know what time
I could stand here waiting for it or I could just be surprised