From the recording Needle in the Hay

The album "Sick of Blocking Out the Sun" takes it's name from a lyric in this song


Its peace of heart I miss the most
I’ve been running coast to coast and I’ve been hiding from a ghost

Sick of blocking out the sun,
So sick of pleasing everyone
Now that time has come and gone

And its not to say that I only trust myself
In fact I love so much that I can never help
There’s nothing more for me to say
Im just living day to day
Ill be your needle in the hay

If the missing link is just a myth
Mankind doesn’t even exist
What is the reason he is pissed

Let’s live it like the world was gone
Distance has always done me wrong
Arm and arm until the dawn

You want to love me or leave me I never can tell
I remember a time when my heart never fell
As a child the seasons changed just for me
Now I have trouble believing in things I can’t see.