From the recording Kids, Jobs, Women and Gods

the 2nd verse is lifted from a song i wrote for my old band, Two Out Rally, called "Plum". Sometimes it's alright to steal from yourself.Just ask Jeff Tweedy


please stand by for your programming schedule
you can’t complete everything that you said you would

some things seem pre-determined

do coincidences exist? some think life is just a list
of kids and jobs and women and gods

then it’s all gone yeah

as new moments creep into my past i do not seem to care
some things that i have learned before get left along the stairs

but i’m falling no matter what

once you can forget the pain it’s like it was never there
the only feeling that it compares to is being weightless in the air
i hope this feeling never fade

where do you go when you got nowhere to run
and who can you turn to when you’re scared of everyone