From the recording Fiction Can be Fun

While a cross country trip with my father, every time we saw some amazing landscape he would say "Well Bear, it's just another rotten view" The Song's title comes from a line in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"


It all gets released the moment the smoke leaves my mouth
when the ashes hit the ground they tend to scatter about
speak only to surrender there’s no need for salt in the wound
you’re day will come but you cannot expect it too soon

Fiction can be fun but it just might catch up to you
When you’re always on the run slow days get the best of you
Fiction can be fun but it just might catch up to you

They say “live in the now”; some say “they don’t have a clue”
the longer I live I think what they say just might be true
whether you’re rising or falling remember your first midnight swim
where the waters around lit you up like you grandfather’s grin

So they say “we’re all just floating away”
strap on your shoes, and float from state to state
“Oh my god! It’s another rotten view!”
You can say what you want, but it matters what you do