From the recording Just Let Me Run (Demo)


This is a demo recorded in March 2011 in Middletown RI.

Bear: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Ethan: Drums
Tom: Bass
Tony: Lead Guitar

She was a mess filled with fear and stress but I'll digress I guess
It was a lark; a little court & spark. A green flash before the dark
A powder keg with a fuse for legs; broken shells of egg
It was caving in, she couldn't force a grin so she pulled the pin


A lucid dream with mixed memories and outgrown company
A devil's bet, just like the river said "I go which way I bend"
Feelin the need, I just can't believe that I got nothing up my sleeve
A spider's web, a foggy head; crawl & walk and then you're dead


You can leave it all in but you just can't keep it all out
Sometimes the voices in your head can benefit from speaking aloud
Vicarious distractions will be the end of experience
The day we stop learning will be the day they bury us in the ground