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  1. If I Was (Live)

From the recording If I Was (Live)


This song was recorded from our 9/11/10 gig at AS220 in PVD. That night Anthony Lombardo subbed in for Tom and played bass. A few months later he joined as the bands lead guitarist:

Bear: Vocals/Guitar
Ethan: Drums
Anthony: Bass

If I was a man would you take me by the hand?
If I was alive, would you kill me
If I was your man would you leave me when you can
If I was alive would you kill me

If I was a child would you drop me in the wild
If I was hungry would you feed me
If I was your child would your life become defiled
If I didn’t stop crying would you beat me

If I was your friend would you trust me to the end
or would your mind tell you I was deceiving
If I was your friend would you have a hand to lend
or would you walk away and stop believing

I’ve still give all I can
but don’t get me wrong
I’ve been broken down
I’m breaking down